Does a mountain of paper documents in your office bother you? Are you spending more time on retrieving the documents from your file cabinets?

Our Digitization service offers high quality and swift conversion of physical documents into electronic format, making the information contained therein easily searchable and instantly accessible.

Digitization is of crucial importance to data processing, storage and transmission, because it "allows information of all kinds in all formats to be carried with the same efficiency and also intermingled".This is why it is a favored way of preserving information for many organisations around the world..


Seven reasons

Consider following points

*Digitize all the records into digital images which can be saved in JPG or PDF format. *Digitization prevents loss of critical records, by providing a backup. In the event of loss of or damage to physical documents, the digitized copy will always be handy. The chances of documents getting misplaced are also addressed. *Digitization can also save storage space. Those documents which need not be preserved in physical form can easily be saved in the digital format.


Archieving your old documents

Preserving original documents

Digitizing materials also helps preserve the originals. Publicly-available digital copies reduce handling and potential damage to valuable and often-fragile original items, which increases their longevity and historical value. This is especially important for documents heavily used for scholarly research..


About The Founder

Pratish Oza

Pratish Oza started his career as an Accountant with an Italian Shipping Company Lloyd Triestino, which at the time was the oldest and one of India's top 3 Shipping Company. He then pursued as an Assistant Marketing Manager .He then joined Wipro Technologies and worked for many years, he decided to start his own business which can cater the need of Information and Technologies in the field of Documentation and Digitization of papers. He is responsible for International sales and services and has been successful in providing the scanning and documentation services. In addition, he has a key executive team members helping to drive Automated Work flow.


Services we offer

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Document Management Services

(DMS) is a computer system and software used to store, manage and track electronic documents and electronic images of paper based information captured through the use of a document scanner.

Document Scanning

This is a process whereby any kind of papers or documents will pass through high resolution scanners and leaves exact image onto computer.

Optical Character Recognition

usually abbreviated to OCR, is the mechanical or electronic conversion of scanned or photoed images of typewritten or printed text into machine-encoded/ computer-readable text.

Image data entry

under this process any kind of images will be captured, sorted out, indexed as well as storing and retrieval to be done.


Archival is an accumulation of any kind of records or the physical place selected for preservation on grounds.


Retrieval is a process in which stored documents or information are to be used in form of pdf or jpeg or tiff or any form of character recognition software.

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