Why Digitize?

Seven Reasons

  • Digitize all the records into digital images which can be saved in JPG or PDF format.
  • Digitization prevents loss of critical records, by providing a backup. In the event of loss of or damage to physical documents, the digitized copy will always be handy. The chances of documents getting misplaced are also addressed.
  • Digitization can also save storage space. Those documents which need not be preserved in physical form can easily be saved in the digital format.
  • Our customized Retrieval Systems make it easier to access any document or information in quick time & in a hassle free manner. The scanned documents are tagged/ indexed so that they can be easily accessed. Here is where we customize the raw scanned data as per individual requirements. For example, documents can be searched/saved under different heads like Building No, Flat no, Year of agreement, Share certificates, property tax receipts etc.
  • Scanned document save considerable time & labour in retrieving & furnishing documents/information. These constraints are even more applicable to societies who don’t have full time support staff.
  • Scanned document can satisfy the needs of the members who demand different documents for needs like sale purchase, registration & loan formalities. Digital records save time for both. Further, society can always provide the digital records to the members for a fee if they chose to.
  • Digitization becomes crucial for Societies going for Redevelopment since back up of all the important documents becomes critical since the entire premises have to be vacated. And the process of Redevelopment adds to the pre-existing volume of documents. Many members frequently demand the Minutes of Redevelopment meetings & circulars. Many times these documents have to be submitted to the Registrar & other Govt authorities.